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Grow Your Employee Benefits Business with Us.

Whether you are just beginning to explore adding employee benefits to the products you offer your clients or you are an expert in the industry, ExpressLink can provide a wealth of services and support to help your business grow — at no cost to you. The ExpressLink team is committed to providing the assistance and support necessary for you to focus on new sales and introducing new products to your existing clients. As a traditional General Agent, we represent all the major carriers and vendors in Ohio. Our team has deep knowledge and relationships with the carriers that will benefit you in product knowledge, access, and strengthened partnerships.

  • Our stellar back-office support team is ready to help you with quoting, enrollment, renewals, onboarding, and service issues.
  • We are committed to providing you with industry leading tools and technology like access to FormFire, carrier updates, educational resources, detailed commission reports, and more to come!

Our goal is to be the ONE SOURCE for your group business by offering innovative benefit solutions, creative options, and superior service as we build and maintain a strong relationship.

Nick Greenfield, Director of Mid-Market Growth, can consult with you individually, or participate in a meeting with you and your client. Nick is available to help you grow your revenue and is an expert in all aspects of employee benefits. Along with our extraordinary support team, we can help you thrive.

Reach out to Nick: NGreenfield@ExpressLinkGA.com

Expand Your Business With Ancillary Options

For a broker, selling ancillary benefits can provide you with several advantages.

These benefits may include:

Additional Revenue: Selling ancillary benefits allows brokers to diversify their income streams beyond their core products, such as health or life insurance. Ancillary benefits, such as dental, vision, disability, or wellness programs, can generate additional commissions or fees for brokers, leading to increased revenue and potentially higher profits.

Enhanced Client Retention and Better Relationships: By offering comprehensive benefits packages that include ancillary benefits, brokers can offer more value to their clients. This can result in increased loyalty and retention, as clients are more likely to continue their relationship with a broker who meets their diverse needs and offers a one-stop solution for their insurance requirements. By providing a more comprehensive benefits package, brokers can strengthen their relationships with clients by becoming their trusted advisor for all their insurance needs.

Competitive Advantage: In today’s competitive insurance industry, providing ancillary benefits can be a key differentiator that sets brokers apart and positions them as comprehensive solution providers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Satisfied customers are more likely to refer others to you and become loyal, long-term clients. This will help build your reputation and grow your business.

In addition to the stellar service you expect, we are able to provide spreadsheets and analysis of all components of carrier proposals.

Ancillary Products

  • Life
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Dental
  • Vision

Dan Kehoe, Director of Ancillary Products, is available to consult on creative ways to grow your business with ancillary products, or strategize concerning individual clients. Whether you are an ancillary expert or primarily focus on group health, our staff will support you and help grow your ancillary revenue. 

Reach out to Dan: DKehoe@ExpressLinkGA.com

Worksite Benefits

The cost to offer employees an affordable health plan continues to climb. Employers are looking for ways to offset high dollar deductibles and premiums, while continuing to offer a robust benefits package. ExpressLink has a benefits specialist focused solely on the development and service of Worksite Benefits, also known as voluntary benefits, for your clients. We’re dedicated to helping our brokers provide their clients with robust, affordable benefits offerings that position them as an employer of choice.

Benefits of Offering Worksite Products For ExpressLink Brokers:

Additional Revenue: Brokers can earn commissions or fees for enrolling employees in worksite benefit plans, which can contribute to their overall earnings and profitability. Expanded Product Portfolio: Providing worksite benefits allows brokers to expand their product portfolio and offer a wider range of insurance solutions to their clients. This can help brokers meet the diverse needs of their clients and position themselves as comprehensive solution providers, which can enhance their competitive advantage. Strengthened Client Relationships: By providing additional value-added services and being a trusted advisor for worksite benefits, brokers can strengthen their relationships with their employer clients. This can lead to increased client loyalty, repeat business, and potential referrals, helping brokers build their reputation and grow their business.

For Your Clients:

Enhanced Employee Recruitment and Retention: Worksite benefits can be used as a tool for attracting and retaining top talent. By offering a comprehensive benefits package that includes worksite benefits, employers can differentiate themselves in the job market and become more attractive to potential employees. This can help improve employee recruitment and retention, leading to a more stable and engaged workforce.

Cost Savings: Many worksite benefits are employee-paid, which means that employers do not bear the full cost of these benefits. This can help employers manage their benefit costs and budget more effectively. Additionally, worksite benefits are often offered through group purchasing arrangements, which can result in cost savings due to economies of scale.

Increased Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: Worksite benefits can contribute to increased employee satisfaction and engagement. When employees have access to a variety of voluntary benefits that meet their needs, it can improve their overall job satisfaction and sense of well-being. This can lead to higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty, which can benefit employers by reducing turnover and enhancing workplace morale.

Customization and Flexibility: Worksite benefits allow employers to offer a wide range of benefits that can be tailored to the needs and preferences of their employees. This flexibility allows employers to customize their benefits package to align with their workforce demographics and meet the diverse needs of their employees. This customization can help create a more inclusive and supportive work environment, where employees feel valued.

For Your Clients’ Employees:

Access to Additional Benefits: Worksite benefits provide employees with access to a broader range of benefits beyond their core benefits, such as health or retirement plans. These additional benefits can include options like supplemental life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, and accident insurance, among others. This can help employees protect themselves and their families against unexpected events and financial challenges.

Convenience and Ease of Enrollment: Worksite benefits are typically offered through convenient payroll deduction, making it easy for employees to enroll and manage their benefits. Employees can choose the benefits that best suit their needs and enroll directly through their employer, often without the need for medical underwriting or complex enrollment processes. This can simplify the benefits enrollment process for employees and save them time and effort.

Portability and Continuity: Many worksite benefits are portable, which means that employees can retain their coverage even if they change jobs or leave their current employer. This can provide employees with continuity of coverage and financial protection, giving them peace of mind and flexibility in managing their benefits throughout their careers.

Worksite Products

  • accident
  • critical illness
  • short- and long-term disability
  • hospitalization
  • life
  • vision
  • dental
    … and more!

Sam Starr, Director of Worksite Products, can consult with you individually, or participate in a meeting with you and your client. Whether you are an ancillary expert or primarily focus on group health, our staff will support you and help grow your worksite revenue.

Reach out to Sam: SStarr@ExpressLinkGA.com